Cloth Tape Measure - Tried And True Measurement Tool

I have always used a cloth tape-measure for crafts and sewing, but simply lately I found that these tapes can be used for a variety of measurement reasons.

Go figure!

Cloth Tape Measures Are Preferred by Sewing Fanatics

After I construct a design on completely new fabric, I personally use my cloth tape-measure to make certain the pattern is organized using the fabric grain. I measure to make certain the pattern follows the grain because I'm not going it to appear "off" or otherwise straight once the outfit is finished.

In the end, when the little sailboats pattern around the fabric appears like they are sailing downhill or off aside from the outfit, it does not reflect well on my small sewing abilities!

That cloth tape-measure is my tried and tested friend, and I have had exactly the same tape for many years now. The amounts are large and readable, and that i can lay that tape lower to obtain accurate dimensions anytime throughout production.

You Will Get Cloth Tape Measures With Inches and/or Metric Figures

After I was a new comer to sewing, cloth tape measures were available just with standard inches and ft dimensions. Today, tapes can be found with millimeters and centimeters too, around the reverse from the tape.

This really is handy because some abilities require utilization of both standard and metric amounts.

Cloth tape measures aren't made from cloth generally, although you will find some still made from professional grade polyfiber fabric. Most today are manufactured from Tyvek or abs plastic fabric for superior sturdiness.

Some tapes designed and produced in Europe continue to be obtainable in a sailcloth-type fabric that's engrossed in polyester or any other protective coating.

What Uses Exist for Cloth Tape Measures?

Really you will find many ways to use cloth tape measures, besides craft and sewing projects. These tapes are ideal for children to make use of being that they are just a lengthy strip of material without any sharp edges.

Cloth tapes permit you to measure things laying on the table or any other flat working surface. Tailors and women's lingerie typically use cloth tapes given that they allow dimensions to become taken of rounded or unique things.

For instance, a cloth tape-measure can be used to consider a ladies bra size measurement. Designer clothing installers begin using these tapes to determine for tuxes and suits since cloth tapes can measure waist size, neck size and much more.

Taxidermists love cloth tape measures simply because they can measure their individuals to be able to maintain proper size your pet when focusing on upkeep.

Fitness centers and fitness gyms may have cloth tape measures available to be able to keep record of members' lack of inches from exercise and going on a diet.

Wallpaper wardrobe hangers may also use cloth tape measures to obtain accurate blood pressure measurements. A yardstick can be challenging to move around a large part or curve, and also the cloth tapes permit them to end up with specific dimensions when foreseeing the width of the sheet of wallpaper needed.

Surveyors use cloth tape measures in extra lengthy measures of around 300 ft or even more to find out accurate dimensions for structures, property lines, roads and much more.

Cloth Tape Measures Are Usually About 5 Ft Lengthy

Present day typical cloth tape measures can be found in dimensions of approximately 5 ft lengthy, although you'll find some which are around 65 inches (5 feet 5 inches).

Longer tape measures can also be found for niche uses like calculating distances, like a pasture, fence or front yard. These tapes is often as lengthy as 300 ft or even more. Others can be found in 25 or 100 ft.

Traditional tape measures are essentially a lengthy strand that may be rolled away in a tiny situation or just ended and tied having a rubberband.

Prices for Cloth Tape Measures

That old-fashioned cloth tape-measure continues to be available at sewing and notion stores, as well as the local discount store may have some varying from about $1 up to $6.

Niche tape measures will, obviously, run more. A 75 feet tape will run about $15. 300 ft will definitely cost about $30.

You'll find cloth tape measures at any home improvement store, discount store or perhaps online. If you want to custom-imprint some tapes for any wedding, anniversary or business event, you'll find cloth tape measures offered by niche printing merchants, too, at very affordable prices.

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